Mission & Business Philosophy


Our mission is to do meaningful work by leading and inspiring the ability in people.

Our Business Philosophy

We focus on tools, on-the-job training, and knowledge transfer to prepare you to perform once a project is complete. This enables our customers to specialize in the ongoing operations with their expertise while we focus on projects.


About Us

Our resources have over twenty years experience leading project teams bringing effective process and fluid communication. Specializing in managing projects with distributed teams enabling people to come together to get the job done. We focus on delivering technology projects and programs. 

Part of our mission is to "inspire the ability in others." One client asked a bit humorously, "so you want to teach us to fish?" and we answered with a resounding "Yes!" Why? Because if you know the "how to", then you don't have to rely on contractors and consultants, resulting in lower ongoing expenses and additional profit for your business.

We are eternal optimists. We are completely confident you will be excited about your business in a whole new way.



  • Project and Program Management delivery services - expertise in delivering technology and infrastructure projects.
  • Strategic planning for top and mid level management particularly with regard to technology planning and teams.
  • Integration consulting - representing the client's interests while managing 3rd party suppliers to deploy technology solutions such as physical security solutions, warehouse management systems, call center solutions, salesforce solutions, to name a few.



  • Affiliate for Merlin Project and Merlin Server



  • Training on the Merlin Project family of products.

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