The team and ProjectWizards has been busy creating it's magic with Merlin Project 5. The beta is now over and the new version is available for download (external link to ProjectWizards download). Regular updates continue to be published.

We've been using the newest version for some time and are really enjoying the "Group By Status Field..." function which is what the Kanban view in Net Plan is based. There are countless views possible based on the project file and fields available. This works well with project teams to convey both progress and work remaining. 

There's the traditional Kanban and several other built in examples to choose from. Setting up additional views is straightforward. Since our current project teams are not Kanban, we've tailored the views to be meaningful to the team members and have received positive response. 

As a summary, the major new features are:

  • Kanban Board
  • The Resources Pool
  • Groupings
  • New Style Editor
  • New design

Drop us a note via the contact page with your thoughts about the new version.

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