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Users of Merlin Project are already familiar with the amazing power of this project management tool. It is a impeccably engineered product available on Mac and iOS platforms.

We regularly use Merlin Project and find it so useful that we thoroughly enjoy sharing and discussing it with others. It is great for organizing and planning work, however its power lies beyond the basics of project management software.

The power of Merlin Project is in the way project information can be communicated to teams, management, and stakeholders. It can be presented in audience specific formats to ensure everyone is informed, aligned and on target for delivering the work. The reporting features handle these requirements fabulously. Reports are customizable to address individual audience needs.

We have beta tested and provided improvement ideas to ProjectWizards, the creators, to enhance the software based on real world use over many years. They have incorporated much of the feedback. They are a fantastic group of people to work with and we are grateful the application is available to the profession.

We love to discuss and work with this product. 

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